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Project Management

Need a skilled and effective Project Manager to develop and lead your product launch or promotion? I've created and executed dozens of launch plans, generating millions of dollars in revenue for e-commerce and online educational products.

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Develop Systems

Whether it's a day-to-day project management system or an annual editorial calendar, we take what's a jumbled mess and make sense of it...for how your team works best!

Is your email marketing not delivering the results you want and need? We can develop an effective welcome sequence that will keep your audience engaged and ready to buy.

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Email Marketing

What do I do?

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As a Brand Director and Senior Project Manager, I've led dozens of product launches for companies in e-commerce, cosmetics, and online education. When it comes to creating and implementing systems, I'm highly skilled at assessing where your team is now and where you want to go, then creating systems that will work with the personalities and mindsets that are driving your business. I'm a firm believer that there isn't a "one size fits all" way to run a business and it's best to tailor something to your exact needs.

As a Certified Coach, I can help your management team increase their effectiviness, communication, and overall success.

Who am I?

Brand Director, Certified Coach, Project Manager

Bevin Farrand

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Is your business suffering from a lack of organization?

If you're tired of stumbling over the day-to-day, I can help you implement systems and marketing schedules to make your business run smoothly!

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