Did you decide to become a coach in order to make a major impact in the world…but you’re just not sure how to do it?

“Good is the enemy of great.”
–Jim Collins

What constitutes a great coach?
o    One who is authentically grounded in their own well-being and the philosophy they coach from
o    One who is making huge impacts on the lives of their clients
o    One who is creating the life they love to live
o    One who supports transformation in their clients lives and the lives of those around them
o    One who is earning an income level that they are excited by, through work that inspires them

There are a lot of good coaches out there but how many truly great ones? If you are committed to being a GREAT coach, this program may be for YOU.

Over the course of my coaching career, I have created an evolving practice that has included working with both individuals and corporations, creating products and e-books, developing trainings and events.

I have completed my own apprenticeship with Michael Neill, trained with the best coaches in the world, including Steve Chandler, Robert Holden, Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Gay and Katie Hendricks, George Pransky, Mandy Evans and more. I have invested more than $100,000 into my coaching business and my own growth.

In addition to the coaches I have trained with, I continue alongside some of the most powerful coaches, expecting them to challenge me to consistently increase my skills and deepen my coaching.

My goal with this mentoring program is to share all of the knowledge that I have gained in order for you to create the coaching practice that you have dreamed of.

What’s different about this mentoring program?

While some coach mentoring programs focus solely on business growth OR skill development, my mentoring program focuses on both AND your own personal coaching. Just as we support our clients in leading lives that are effective and wonderful, I don’t believe that new coaches can be the best for their clients if their own lives are cluttered, chaotic and stressful. My goal in mentoring you through the creation of your coaching practice is to support you creating a whole life that you love! This year-long commitment will include, but is not limited to:

Building Your Business

*This is not a generic marketing plan that tells you how many times you need to tweet and how to effectively (although annoyingly) send out e-blasts to grow your list by frustrating your friends. That is not how thriving and powerful coaching practices are built. Rather we will determine how you will most enjoy building your own business, boil it down to a process and focus on the results

o    Creating a Business Growth Plan                                                                                                                                              o    Co-creation of your Client Welcome Packet
o    Support of the creation of your products
o    Support in developing an internet radio show or audio recordings
o    Help in creating training programs, presentations or events
o    Feedback on writing (both style and content), including e-books and blogs
o    Attend up to three trainings or events that you lead
o    You are invited to attend trainings and retreats that I lead throughout the year

Developing Your Skills

*This mentor program is for the coach who has chosen to begin the development of their coaching skills through a structured training program. If you have not yet chosen a training program, please contact me for suggested training programs.

o    Expanding the skills you learned while training
o    Deepening your understanding of the power of thought, the Three Principles, Well-Being and
o    Review of your taped or live coaching conversations
o    Coaching Role Play
o    Suggested trainings, reading or audio materials to further your study

Personal Coaching

*This will both support you through your business and personal life but also allow you to experience what it is to be coached and have the committed support of your own coach. This is critical in developing our own coaching!

o    Weekly coaching
o    Additional coaching time scheduled in-person
o    Your own individual retreat, designed for Extreme Self-Care, to go deeper into what you want
to create and support the slowing down of your thoughts

Prepare to amaze even yourself!

Space is limited to one dedicated and inspired coach for this program. If you are ready to unlock your authentic greatness, contact me to schedule a preliminary interview.