Are you confused by the overwhelming amount of information that is available for parents of a child with autism?

Are you frustrated by the seemingly underwhelming amount of support?

Does the tangled network of therapists, schools, insurance and other programs seem daunting and impossible to navigate?

Are you exhausted by all of the pieces you are juggling but terrified to let any of the balls drop?

As a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, you are creating incredible teams for your child, as you should. There are doctors, teachers, occupational therapists, nutritionists…the list is endless and often exhausting.

But who is supporting you?
Who is holding up the parents and families?

Having a nephew who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, I have been closely affected by the strains that exist on a family. Managing schedules, insurance claims, therapy appointments…not to mention navigating family gatherings, time with other children, time with your spouse and maybe even a little time for yourself.

I realized that there is a great need for support and a possibility to ease the stress of parents and families affected by autism.

I am committed to using the same coaching tools and techniques that have proven so powerful in businesses and with my individual clients in supporting families who have a diagnosis of autism within their family.

Much like my other coaching relationships, my commitment to you not only includes weekly phone sessions but also unlimited access to me between calls for “in-the-moment” coaching (so that if you have hidden yourself in the car so as not to completely lose it, you know that you can call me!)

To schedule a complimentary initial coaching session, please email

If you are interested in coaching but afraid that the financial commitment may be too much for you, please email me. I have committed 10% of all of my coaching and speaking fees into a scholarship fund for families that are affected by autism.